Friday, 20 March 2015

The amazing Year five and six camp

W.A.L.T: Organise my ideas into paragraphs and link them together

Boom its hot in here it must be commitments coming first this year.
Sorry about that I was just saying the chant that the commitments made up for the year five and six camp performance. Did you know that every year all the year five and six students receive an opportunity to sleep in tents?   

If you were thinking we have to go real far for our year five and six camp
guess what its held on our school field.  Camp is all about fun. We do stuff like swimming, dancing, baking, kayaking, roller skating, tininnis and eating yummy food.  We also have  many more activities. We started the day sitting in  the hall waiting for instructions. Suddenly Mr Burt came out of nowhere and gave us some advice about what we should be doing at camp .  All I remembered was don't ask you mama for help , I was really confused.

Later that day The girls from the commitments rushed to the tuck shop, we kinda used the tuck shop as our kitchen. And guess what we were making?…….  anzac biscuits.  When I first heard Mrs Garden saying anzac biscuits I started to have dribbles in my mouth.  She then  informed us to get into groups of three and to start gathering all the ingredients. We  then  started  to mix all the  ingredients and finished of by putting the raw anzac biscuits in the oven.  Snif snif snif it is now ready the girls were very lucky because we were the first one to taste the anzac biscuits.

Next up we went kayaking but before kayaking we all had lunch. For lunch we had one anzac biscuit 2 apples or plum and one carton of milk. At that time  I first admired the anzac biscuits, then I took a little  sniff and one big bite. It was crunchy very delicious, and tasty.  

With a loud voice Mr Somerville said get changed to your togs. Everyone rushed to the toilets and got changed. Later we lined up and head of to the point england beach for kayaking. There we saw Mr Burt, he was there to tell us all about kayaking.  Afterwards we each got an kayak and started exploring around the sea. After 3 or 4 round we stopped and went back to Pt England school.

Camp is really fun and if you are going to be a year five and six next year you will be filled with joy like me. I don't want to spoil the surprise so make sure you guys come you will enjoy it.  
Hey guys if you guys are going camp next year heres a tip. You should have fun and make sure you get everything for camp like your swimming togs or you might be the only one missing out on goining to th mangarai pools
This the score I got for my writting by Talita.


  1. Hi Rima,
    Great writing.

    From Miss Lavakula

  2. Hi Rima
    I like your writing about yaer 5&6 camp. What was the best thing about yaer 5&6 camp

    Form Angelica

  3. Hi Rima
    I like your writing about yaer 5&6 camp. What was the best thing about yaer 5&6 camp

    Form Angelica


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