Thursday, 10 December 2015

Extreme asthma attack

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It was Friday afternoon, I started to panic. My body warmed up and I couldn’t breathe, I tried to use my asthma pump but it felt like it was  just not working. I finished my third asthma pump and boom... my face turned purple and the asthma attack began.  

Earlier that day on Friday morning  as I was walking to school I stopped for a while to take a big breath. I looked down at my feet and I thought I would be alright. As time went on I felt queasy and felt like vomiting. That's when I knew something was going to happen.

Later on that day while sitting down inside my house, I looked around and I started seeing everyone duplicated. “Maybe going to sleep would help” I wondered. So I slept. Some time later I woke up and started coughing. It was hard for me to stop . “I can't breathe” I shouted hardly. My dad came in and I asked him to call the ambulance as I knew going in my dad's car without any medical treatment would be a disaster.      

“Wee ooooh weeeee ooooh”, while nervously hearing the ambulance I start shaking thinking off injections. As the ambulance came in they quickly ask me some questions and put a mask filled with qas on my mouth and face to calm me down. Time passed and I was in the vehicle, as soon as I got to Starship hospital they put me in the emergency room and forced me to get a injection.  They said they had to put salt water and other things in my blood to keep me healthy and alive.   

I was as hungry as a tiger trying to look for food. The doctor said if I ate anything I would vomit. I took a bite of toast and blaaaaaah I vomited up everywhere. My mother told me to sleep but it was hard with a empty stomach.  It's been three days in the hospital and the doctor said I needed to do a xray and a breathing test. After having the test I got my results and I am very sad to say it was bad. They said I had too much air in my chest!!!

It was the 4th day and as soon as I woke up there was a lady in front of me asking for a blood test, I was more than frightened. It was 12 o'clock and I was the last remaining patient, lucky me. They said they would put numbing cream on my vain to keep me from of screaming.  Right after lunch they called me over for the blood test. They tightened my arm and the nurse was so nice that while it was happening,  with fear I was able to blow bubbles to skip that moment. After that terrifying moment the nurse told me to tell my friends of what a scary thing I had done.

It had been a week and I finally got some good news. The doctor said right after my sweat test that I was able to go home.  I was really sad that I was going to miss the opportunity to go to Kawau Island with all the year sixes, At Least I camped in the hospital.  As soon as we reached home, for the first time  I was pleased to see my brothers.  Since my brothers knew I was sick they did whatever I wanted them to do.  For example asking for a drink of water or a banana, everything I needed was brought to me.   

Painful and hurt, that's how I felt in the hospital.  I thought about it  and maybe it was my that fault I ended up in the hospital. Maybe if I had used my orange asthma pump every day I would of been going to camp with all my friends. Maybe I was not supposed to go to camp, whatever it was I have learnt to use my asthma pump everyday. Warning kids you must not  smell or eat dust mites, or you might have asthma and end up in the same situation like Rima.
On week six all the year six students got the opportunity to go to kawau island. After having a asthma attack I got stuck in the hospital instead of going to kawau island with all my friends. I was pretty sad but atleast I got all the medical treatment that I needed. I am also really happy to be back home and after a week I can go back to school!!


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