Thursday, 13 February 2014

Brand New Netbooks

Guess what? At Pt England School the year five class ten kids got their netbooks last week. Everyone was surprised, but sadly some of the kids did not get theirs, but lucky me I got mine. When I opened the lid of my brand new netbook, I was full of joy.

There  were rules for the netbooks. Mr Burt and Mrs Burt told us the rules .
We had to hold our netbook with our two hands, we had to learn about the kawa of care.
It is really important that we don't  break our netbooks if we do we have to pay 70 dollars.   

Afterwards we  logged in to our netbooks and checked our emails and lots of other stuff we had lots of fun. It felt like I was in cloud nine everyone was cheerful. I could even hear the laugh of all the kids.  

At that moment we had to shut our netbooks and hold it with our two hands. After all the joyful l things that we did  we had to go back to class ten. We put our netbook in the cupboard and of we went to lunch.