Monday, 31 August 2015

Maths problem solving

Walt: multiply and divide decimals numbers
For this weeks maths problem solving we are learning to times and divide
decimals. My buddy  Seini and I found out that we can get our answer by
multiplying and divideing.

Maths problem solving

Walt: multiply and divide decimal numbers
This week for maths problem solving we are learning to multiply and divide
decimal numbers. My buddy and I thought that our task was going to be hard.
After reading the problems we realised that it was times and divide and many more that could help solve our problem. Here is a link to my buddys blogSeini. Have a look at our maths problem solving.

What could it be?

 Walt:use our inferencing skills to find meaning in the text.     

At the beach
I saw some  ---------------------------
laughing and making fun of me.

There eyes stare at me asking me to go away,
and they bug people for free food.

Underneth their sand castle though,
I see round, spotted eggs.

Have a guess and tell me what could it be?

Friday, 28 August 2015


Walt: use the words related to the story to write our own sentences.

This week we are learning to use vocabulary in our sentences. Mr Goodwin says that we have to practice using vocab in our writing. Our goal was to buddy up and use some words to write a sentence that explains what the word means.

Thursday, 27 August 2015

Trade fair

Walt: use language that paints a picture in the minds of our reader

Having my own business group would be great, that reminds me of our term 3 topic, trade and enterprise. Back in the day when money wasn't investigated people had to trade.  It was for goods and services, for example getting  a haircut  from someone means servers but if you ask someone to do something and in return you give something back that means goods.  When having no money we are having to trade and when having money we are to give money.  Enterprise means a lot of things for example a business group, or selling a product and many more. It also means making money, trading and enterprising is  a big difference. Trading is trade and enterprising is selling for money.

Here are 6 groups, music,kitchen,stationery,homeware,toys and jewellery.  
When I came to school I was informed that I was in a group called homeware. First I had no idea about the topic but I started seeing some of the other groups making their products. Our goal was to make a product each that
relates to our group.  Mr Somerville and some other teachers  informed and explained  us that there was going to be a fair in some time. When time for the fair every group was ready to take orders  from other groups. My group and I were pleased of our product and how many people buyed it. We had a feeling it wouldn't work but I think we did pretty good job. Just so you know we were selling a orange candle and a skull faced candle. I think the way we got people to make orders was by giving a little show about what we were selling and that it will brighten up your day.   

You must be wondering how do we take orders and pay without pts and pieces. At Pt England school the year five and six students have their own bank accounts to collect their pts. Pts and pieces are known as money, for example 2pts and 50 pieces is  like 4 dollars and 1 doller. The year five and six student has had a trade fair where they make there own product and try to make it look interesting for customers to buy.  The Pts and pieces are needed so that if you order something they can take the money you owe them from your bank.

After the trade fair took place we were warned  that our orders have to be done in week 8. My buddy Htet Htet started to make our job even harder by saying buy one get one free. Peeling an orange without breaking it apart is really hard and making the shape of a skull is worser.

Friday, 21 August 2015

Amazing Loofahs

Walt: Learn and use new Vocab.

this week for literacy we are learning to learn to use vocab. We had to read a book about loofahs and write about it. It felt like writing and doing a advertisement. loofahs are known as scrubbers and they grow as plants Crazy right!

What kind of chocolate is this?

As it appears that the food I ate looked like hard, delicious chocolate.

The chocolate I was eating is called popping candy. When I did not know what it was I was pleased of how it looked like,  the color brown gazing in my eyes made me feel as if it was chocolate.  Mr Goodwin says that the thing I was eating cost  five dollars and forty cents.  This product can be found in countdown and many  more places, the thing I was eating was a king sized one,it is long and  it's quite fat.  

When admiring the  brown thing my brain instantly told me it was chocolate.
Sniff sniff sniff the outstanding smell  flying through my nose reminded me of
peanuts.  When tasting the chocolate it surprisingly tasted like lollies and chocolate.  It was very shocking to see lollies in my chocolate, it made everything taste disgusting.  

After knowing that there were lollies in my chocolate, I thought if they could take
all the lollies out it could improve the product. Remembering that I smelt peanuts made me realise that they should add fresh  peanuts.  Some people like me might not like sour and sweet stuff so taking out the lollies is a great idea for people like me. I also realised that it  the name of  this product was popping candy.  

I think Mr Goodwin did a good job by making us taste something without knowing the flavor.  I felt like a detective when I had to find out what kind of chocolate it was, it might of looked like normal chocolate but taking a bite was the best part. The aftertaste was the worst of them all. Each person eating chocolate felt like chocolate land.  I think this wasn't the best chocolate ever but it was pretty good… but wait for the after taste.

This week we were learning about eating somthig without knowing the flavor. 
when it comes to eating I am relly bad at  guessng  the flavor. Luckily Mr Goodwin made a chart of showing how it looks how it smells and how it feels.  Click on this link to see how the chart looks like...Chart
sorry if I caint show you the picture of the chocolate, my mouse dosent work.
 Here is a link of chocolate..

Wednesday, 19 August 2015

math problem solving week 5

Walt: multiply and divide whole nubers
This week for our maths problem solving we are learning how to divide and multiply
whole nubers to find the answer. I was really happy about this weeks problem solving
because times tables and dividing is something I am good at. Hopefully I get all the answers

Auxlilary verbs

WALT: We are learning about auxiliary verbs and using them in sentences.
This week for literacy we had Mrs Tito. Her idea was to teach us how to use auxiliary verbs in our sentence. First I did not get it at all but after listening to Mrs Tito

it was quite easy

Thursday, 13 August 2015

Maths problem solving

Walt: add and subtract decimals
This week for our maths problem solving we are learning to add and subtract decimals.
Our task for this week was pretty hard. Adding decimals was easy but subtracting
decimals is hard. Lukily when it was time for maths teacher lesson we learned how
to add and subtract decimals.

Advice blog

Walt:think critically about what we read
this week for litresy we are doing an advice blog. We have to give advice

to someone who needs help.  This is the person who needs help his name is james able and he want to buy a fitness watch. I have to help him decide witch watch he should buy, the fitbit or the garmen.

Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Rima's Biodiversity!

Rima Biodiversity from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.
This is my Biodiversity animation. My two animals are thresher Shark and a blue Whale. I hope you enjoy my movie

Monday, 3 August 2015

Maths problem solving

Walt: add and subtract decimals
This week my partner Seini and I did maths problem solving week three. We decide
that I do the first slide and she does the second slide. We had to add and subtract
decimals to get our answer, I had to add and she had to subtracr. Seini and I thought
it was quite easy.

Advertisement for beans bags, 3pts whole day

Walt: pursued the reader to agree with our message
Bean bags for hire

Its comfitiable, it's helpful yup its the well known bean bags.

Sitting on hairy, dirty carpets and uncomfortable chairs is not what I want to do. Luckily the year five and six block have something better than dirty, hairy and uncomfortable, you guessed it its two new bean bags. Its comfortable, it's easy to sit on and you only need 3 pts, It is so comfortable that it will become your best friend.

The bean bags are filled with  soft ,white, fake beans so that means if you want to play with snow but it never snows just tear it apart and you will have hot snow. You might be wondering how the bean bag is so comfortable? well that rubber skin you're leaning on is what make the bean bags very comfortable. Are you some of the people who move a lot well the bean bag can turn into any shape that is suitable for you.

The bean bags  comes in  a lot of colors but we decide it to pick the color of the slippery grass and the bright sky.  It is the most amazing colors you will ever see.

Like I informed you on my introduction that with only 3pts you will have a new best friend. Our company have just been informed that if you pay three pts you can have the bean bag for the whole day yup for the whole day.  You can also show off by sitting down on the relaxing and comfortable bean bag while your friends sits down on the hairy floor.  

Remember for only three Pts the bean bag is yours. Heres a tip from the professionals  come really early to school so you don't need to argue with your friend about whos going to be  on the bean bag. Just 3pts and it's all yours.

Today room six reading and writting class we learning how to write a advertisment to puseud people to bying the bean bags to sit on. The bean bags coest three doolers to sit on for a whole day. I used some words around the class room to write my advertisement. The main thing we had to do was re craft the writting Mr Goodwin wrote and try to make it sound better.