Monday, 3 August 2015

Advertisement for beans bags, 3pts whole day

Walt: pursued the reader to agree with our message
Bean bags for hire

Its comfitiable, it's helpful yup its the well known bean bags.

Sitting on hairy, dirty carpets and uncomfortable chairs is not what I want to do. Luckily the year five and six block have something better than dirty, hairy and uncomfortable, you guessed it its two new bean bags. Its comfortable, it's easy to sit on and you only need 3 pts, It is so comfortable that it will become your best friend.

The bean bags are filled with  soft ,white, fake beans so that means if you want to play with snow but it never snows just tear it apart and you will have hot snow. You might be wondering how the bean bag is so comfortable? well that rubber skin you're leaning on is what make the bean bags very comfortable. Are you some of the people who move a lot well the bean bag can turn into any shape that is suitable for you.

The bean bags  comes in  a lot of colors but we decide it to pick the color of the slippery grass and the bright sky.  It is the most amazing colors you will ever see.

Like I informed you on my introduction that with only 3pts you will have a new best friend. Our company have just been informed that if you pay three pts you can have the bean bag for the whole day yup for the whole day.  You can also show off by sitting down on the relaxing and comfortable bean bag while your friends sits down on the hairy floor.  

Remember for only three Pts the bean bag is yours. Heres a tip from the professionals  come really early to school so you don't need to argue with your friend about whos going to be  on the bean bag. Just 3pts and it's all yours.

Today room six reading and writting class we learning how to write a advertisment to puseud people to bying the bean bags to sit on. The bean bags coest three doolers to sit on for a whole day. I used some words around the class room to write my advertisement. The main thing we had to do was re craft the writting Mr Goodwin wrote and try to make it sound better.

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  1. Hi Rima
    Now I really want to sit on a beanbag.Before I didn't even want to


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