Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Maths problem solving

Walt: solve multiplication problems using a range of strategies

Me and my buddy Revivais trying to solve a multiplication problems how are we going to solve the problem.Look in the present to find out how you got you answer. If you have an answer that different then leve a comment at the bottom.There are to question to answer.

Maths group - how to solve times tables

WALT: Solve multiplication problems using a range of strategies
Our task was to find a solution for our times tables. It was really hard for me until I found out a easy way. watch my video and see how I solved the problem.

The 40 hour famine

On Friday it was the 40 hour famine sleepover.  If you don't know what the  40 hour famine is is that you collect money from door to door and send the money  to the people who needs it. For Example last year the money went to Malawi and this year it is going to Bangladesh.  If you want to know more about the 40 hour famine then click on this link .  40 hour famine   You can also do stuff like eat nothing for 40 hours to see how the people in Bangladesh feels. Speaking of eating nothing, the year five, six, seven and eight extension  group did the famine by eating noting but barley sugar and just juice. While we were playing, suddenly two ambassadors  named Emma and David arrived to talk about the 40 hour famine.  I was amazed to hear that the 40 hour famine has been running  for 40 years now.

Why am I doing the famine?
I am doing the famine because I am part of  Bangladesh and even if I wasn't I would still help.
I also want to help because if I was there right now I would be starving, suffering and I would   have no  shelter.  I was very shocked when I heard the people in Bangladesh only have a quarter of food. Image if I had only a quarter of food I would be starving.  I remembered when I was little my brother had to carry more than a kg of wood and send it to other towns for money.  It is very important to me and my family that I do the 40 hour famine.

How I felt?
I felt really happy doing the famine and helping my country.  I also felt really sad hearing how their lives are. I want to help any country that needs our help.  Did you know that just ten dollars can change their lives. If you are not available of doing  the famine then at least give ten dollars and it will change their lives.

Tuesday, 26 May 2015

The Winter season is coming, Get ready Pt england.

W.A.L.T:  write a news style report
The Winter  season is coming, Get ready Pt england.
Winter is approaching in five days.  The coldest season of the year.  Students of room six think that  people at Pt England school  should stay home on rainy days.
Winter in Auckland  is  rain, hail and cold shivering bodies, thunder and storms. Winter is known as the coldest season of the year!

At Pt England School  some of the students have difficulties getting to school in Winter. Some people suggest they should wear  a lot of layers to keep  themselves  warm from  the rain.   

Prasayus, a student at Pt england school says people might get sick in the rainy days and pass the flu on.

Cameo a  coat  user at Pt England school also says school should be closed because they can do their work at home with their digital devices.

But Olivia a  umbrella  disagrees. She says schools should be open in rainy days because she says if you learn at home you wont have that much time for it.  

Winter is coming in five days. So we had to write about what winter is to Pt England school. Our task was to write a report about winter check out what I thought was winter is at pt england school.

Monday, 25 May 2015

Rima advice blog interview

W.A.L.T:  find proof of the author's message
Our task was to give advice to character that needs help to find a game that he can play.

First we read about him and then we had to think about what kind of game he likes.

Thursday, 14 May 2015

Interview with Liam

W.A.L.T: Find proof about other message's

Hello everybody today ill be asking some question to Liam.
Liam what do you want  to be when you grow up. I want to be part of the  Nasa company.  

What do  you think you can do to help the people who suffer from the earthquake that took place in christchurch. I cant do that much stuff but I can do a sausage sizzle.
Do you think you can get  people to help you do something. If I try a lot I can get some people to help me.

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

The three little pigs intervew

W.A.L.T: write a news style report

Characters:Mumma pig, youngest pig, middle pig, eldest pig
Story: The three little pigs
Byline:  Rima 13/5/15

Report just been announced. Two pigs from cartoonland have been murdered by a wolf, and had their homes destroyed. Their older brother also attacked, survives, and manages to kill the wolf.

People say that muma pig asked the three little pigs
to leave the house and build their own. The youngest pig built his house out of straw. The middle pig built his house out of wood. It appears the material was easy for the vicious wolf to blow down the house and gobbled up the two little pigs up.

Luckily the eldest pig was smart enough to build a house out  of breaks. When it was time for the wolf to come,  it seemed the eldest pig was up to something. He got a pot of boiling water and when the wolf climbed down the chimney he fell in the boiling water.

Ladies and gentlemen I give you Miss Pig the mother of the three little pigs.  

Hi Miss Pig I have some question for you. Ok

Why are your children called the three little pigs When they are  not so little?  well you see ever since they were little they use to be really tiny so then I named them the three little pigs.

Do they even have names?  No why not? well if I name them how will I remember their names.

Everyone wanted me to ask you this how do you feel about your lost sons. Its horrible that the wolf eat them up. But every time I think of them I start to have tears.

This is what I got for my scors. 
By Presayus

Friday, 8 May 2015

Disagree or agree

W.A.L.T:  Find proof about other message's
Our task was to find out stuff about terry. We had to do a disagree and agree presentation.
We found out this information from a school journal.

Nepal's earthquake

W.A.L.T: find proof of the authors message.
Story: Level ten
Character: Terry

Planning space
Write what details you know and can guess.
eg. Age, Gender
Name: Terry
Age: Guess 13
Gender: Male- main character of this story.  
What are their interests do you think?
Ha like playing video games, He likes playing a game called Krang Castle,
What country do you think they live in?
Wellington, New Zealand,
Would their life have been affected by the earthquake in Nepal do you think?
Yes because after the earthquake there will come  another earthquake that will last for days and days.  
How might their lives have been affected if an earthquake hit in their city?
If they had an earthquake they would suffer and they might even die.
Is there anything that the character could do, or might do, to help the people in Nepal who have suffered from the earthquake?
He could do a donation, a sausage sizzle to make money, and gather more people to help him  

Write your interview questions

  1. Write short introductory paragraph about who the character is (2 sentences should be enough).
  2. Write a question that asks the character about their thoughts on the Nepal Earthquake.
  3. Write a question that asks the character about what an earthquake in their city would mean for them.
  4. Write a question that asks the character if they are going to help Nepal in anyway.

Answer the questions you have written as if the character had answered it themselves.

Write your interview here:
Terry is a male who loves video games.  He plays role playing games, and one day he felt like he was in the game.

Terry what do you think you can do to help the people who suffered from the earthquake  that took place in Nepal.  I can’t do a lot of stuff, so I think I should do a sausage sizzle to raise money.

Terry when do you think Nepal will get help. Well they are getting help right now  people from pakistan are helping them and many more others.

Last question Terry If there was an earthquake here how would you feel.
I would feel really sad and I might lose my family and friends. And People who are doing the 40 hour famine they will need to do it for us.   

I,ve heard that you like playing video games. If an earthquake happens then there will be no electricity and if there is no electricity how would you play your game. I wouldn't be able to play video games anymore  and that will make me really angry and I will have to play outside.

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

The tiny wasp

W.A.L.T: Manipulate sentence structures for effect.

This week Mr Teto gave us a mission. Our mission was to get an image and manipulate sentences.
It was awesome.  Here are my sentences:  
. The tiny wasp flies carefully
. The tiny wasp carefully flies
. Carefully flies the tiny wasp
. Carefully the tiny wasp flies

Monday, 4 May 2015

Problem solving

WALT: solve multiplication problems with 1 multiplier

I learnt how to solve my problem solving by using my times tables and my additions
Check out what I did.

Mothers day peom

W.A.L.T : write a peom about mothers day 

Friday, 1 May 2015

Mr Wisemans new born baby

W.A.L.T: write a lead paragraph of a news report

Title: Mr Wiseman’s new born baby    
Byline: 1 of may 2015 By Rima    

In Ackland Information just been announced  that Mr wiseman a year seven and eight teacher had gone missing. Last week  he had a newborn baby.  They say she is a girl and her name is Ailah.  But there was a problem,  no one knew about where they had the baby and what hospital they went to.  Now everyone thinks Mr Wiseman is missing.