Wednesday, 27 May 2015

The 40 hour famine

On Friday it was the 40 hour famine sleepover.  If you don't know what the  40 hour famine is is that you collect money from door to door and send the money  to the people who needs it. For Example last year the money went to Malawi and this year it is going to Bangladesh.  If you want to know more about the 40 hour famine then click on this link .  40 hour famine   You can also do stuff like eat nothing for 40 hours to see how the people in Bangladesh feels. Speaking of eating nothing, the year five, six, seven and eight extension  group did the famine by eating noting but barley sugar and just juice. While we were playing, suddenly two ambassadors  named Emma and David arrived to talk about the 40 hour famine.  I was amazed to hear that the 40 hour famine has been running  for 40 years now.

Why am I doing the famine?
I am doing the famine because I am part of  Bangladesh and even if I wasn't I would still help.
I also want to help because if I was there right now I would be starving, suffering and I would   have no  shelter.  I was very shocked when I heard the people in Bangladesh only have a quarter of food. Image if I had only a quarter of food I would be starving.  I remembered when I was little my brother had to carry more than a kg of wood and send it to other towns for money.  It is very important to me and my family that I do the 40 hour famine.

How I felt?
I felt really happy doing the famine and helping my country.  I also felt really sad hearing how their lives are. I want to help any country that needs our help.  Did you know that just ten dollars can change their lives. If you are not available of doing  the famine then at least give ten dollars and it will change their lives.

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