Wednesday, 13 May 2015

The three little pigs intervew

W.A.L.T: write a news style report

Characters:Mumma pig, youngest pig, middle pig, eldest pig
Story: The three little pigs
Byline:  Rima 13/5/15

Report just been announced. Two pigs from cartoonland have been murdered by a wolf, and had their homes destroyed. Their older brother also attacked, survives, and manages to kill the wolf.

People say that muma pig asked the three little pigs
to leave the house and build their own. The youngest pig built his house out of straw. The middle pig built his house out of wood. It appears the material was easy for the vicious wolf to blow down the house and gobbled up the two little pigs up.

Luckily the eldest pig was smart enough to build a house out  of breaks. When it was time for the wolf to come,  it seemed the eldest pig was up to something. He got a pot of boiling water and when the wolf climbed down the chimney he fell in the boiling water.

Ladies and gentlemen I give you Miss Pig the mother of the three little pigs.  

Hi Miss Pig I have some question for you. Ok

Why are your children called the three little pigs When they are  not so little?  well you see ever since they were little they use to be really tiny so then I named them the three little pigs.

Do they even have names?  No why not? well if I name them how will I remember their names.

Everyone wanted me to ask you this how do you feel about your lost sons. Its horrible that the wolf eat them up. But every time I think of them I start to have tears.

This is what I got for my scors. 
By Presayus

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  1. Hey Well Done Rima ! Those are excellent marks you scored and you certainly captured my attention and made me smile - Well done :)


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