Monday, 24 March 2014

What does Hauhake Harakeke means?

WALT: Use clues in text  to help find the answers (comprehension).
 What does hauhake Harakeke mean?
It means flax. When flax grows it is shaped as a sword.
2. How did the harakeke move to make the children feel welcome?
By moving around and going forward and backward

3. When was the harakeke planted?
it was planted in 1987

4. How does the harakeke standing tall make the children feel?
verry verry proud.

5. Why is any left over harakeke returned to the bushes?
because nanny says that harakeke,s lives for a long time

6. Name 4 items you can make from harakeke (pages 9 and 10).
7. Choose one of the items made from flax in the story and look at some google images of it.
Early finishers draw the item in detail in sumo paint or ABC paint.  Write the name of the item beneath your picture. Publish this on your blog with this heading and sentence:

Blog title: Hauhake Harakeke

Sentence to copy on with your picture: We have been reading about a Hauhake Harakeke ceremony. This is one thing that the children in the story made from the flax blades.

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