Friday, 21 March 2014

What happened at camp?

Sniff sniff sniff. Can you smell that its the smell of camp? Do you know that if you are a Year Five and Six students at Pt England school you can go to camp and when you do you will have lots and lots of fun.

When I went  to camp there was lots of activities to do. One of my favourite activities were kayaking. We
went kayaking at the Pt England beach. I got a little scared but  before we went kayaking  we had to listen to the important rules so we can be safe. Before we went on we had to put our foot bum foot and we had to put life vests.

When we finished kayaking it was time for cooking. We made chocolate chip cookies but lucky me I got an wonderful partner to make it with. To make the chocolate chip cookies we need butter chocolate chips, sugar, one egg, flour and we mixed all those ingredients. Then we got the trade and made little rounded chocolate chip cookies. When it was time to come out of the oven we tasted it and it was fantastic.

After all that it turned dark and we wear our pj's and went to watch a movie. But sadly the movie stopped working so we went back to our tents and went to sleep. My partners heard me snore in the middle of the night and it got cold

I can't wait to be a year six I could even be a leader next year. I bet that when you are a year five you will have heaps of fun. And I bet you will love the food they give
you even all the activities.

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