Friday, 31 July 2015

Kauri trees

Walt: put ourselves into the text
This week our task was to create and advertisement about furniture made out of
kauri trees. First we had to get images of kauri trees then get a picture of the furniture
made out of Kauri trees, tell how much it cost and write a advertisement that
will get viewers to by the furniture.

Thursday, 30 July 2015

Trade and enterprise

Walt: trade and enterprise!!!!!!
Noticing each term there's  always a new topic and this term it is trade and enterprise.
Trade and enterprise is all about using your money wisely, You have to think about
what kind of job you want to do when you grow up.  One of the things we had to do that
related to this topic was pretending to apply for a job, I picked porch cleaning you have
to pick up all the rubbish on the porch and organise the shoes, for this we can get
two pts a.k.a 2 dollars every week.

Monday, 27 July 2015

Maths problem solving

Walt: add and subtract decimals
This week for our maths problem solving there are three people in my group, Seini
Waimaria and me.  we only had 2 slides so we dicide it to share the slides, Me and seini
would share the same slide but we had differnt ways of solving our maths problem solving.
speacking of maths problem solving we had to add and subtract decimals to get or answer

Maths teacher lessons

Walt: add and subtract decimals
This week the protractors were learning about adding and subtracting decimals. first it was easy but after some time we had to think outside the box.
Check out what the protractors were up to.

Maths problem solving

Walt: add and subtract decimals
This week our problem solving was all about decimals. Waimaria and I decide it
to do one  each. We had to add and subtract decimals  to find our answer it was
pretty hard.  Here is a link to Waimarias blog and remember to check this out!

Thursday, 2 July 2015

Rainbow rush

Walt: create our own board game

If you want to see how we played our board game and the rules click on this link Rainbow rush

Are you always getting bored on rainy days? well room six literacy class got into their groups and decided to make their own board games.  Believe it or not it took us a long time to make our board game, We had to make our counters, decide how many players, make cards, add number and our theme.  After we added our finish touch then Mr Goodwin laminated everything so we can finally play our game.  The fun part was when we played each others games, first it was really confusing but then it all worked we played our own board games.

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Maths problem solving

Walt:multiply fractions and whole numbers
For this weeks maths presentation my buddy Seini and I were investigating of how to solve fractions by timesing it or dividing it. Check out my animation
to see how we solved our questions.


Maths teacher lesson

Walt: add and subtract fractions
Click on this link to see protactors teacher maths lesson.

Word class

Walt: (we are learning how to): Identify different word classes using pictures
Our task was to write some sentences  with  determiner, adjective, noun, verb and
adverb. Ms Tito gave us a presentation with pics in it so we can make up our own s
sentence using the pics.