Friday, 11 December 2015

experience in extension

experience in  extension 
Being in extension this year was amazing. When I first heard my name being called I was scared thinking I was in trouble. I am more than happy to say that being in extension is Awesome, we are so lucky that we get the opportunity to do so much. For example meeting The boat Hikianalia, learning about the three p’s, biodiversity,  and making an advertisement  for the 2015 production.

This year in extension my favorite thing was meeting the people from malama honua and learning about biodiversity. When doing these amazing things  I have not only seen but learnt different stuff,  I have learnt about bees and  how they adapt to survive and what they do. If it wasn't for extension I wouldn't be learning something new, that's why I would like to say on behalf of  extension we would like to say  a vast thank you to Miss Langitopu for making this happen.   

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  1. Hi/Bye Rima,

    I liked your paragraph. I hope that you like your new school and keep playing cricket. It has been such fun three years with you. I hope we will see each other in the future.

    From your mate, Lita.


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