Tuesday, 30 June 2015

What kind of powers would you have ?

Walt: write effective paragraphs using juicy and exciting words

Super powers they're awesome, If I had a superpower I would want to have a power that could  control  the weather .  No more rainy days, no more hot days just days that are not too hot and not too cold.  Being able to control the weather would be a super cool power.

With my powers I don't  just use them to control the weather, I  can use them to control  tornados, tsunamis, and volcanic eruptions too. If I use my powers it feels like using a controller from a xbox.  With weather powers my mind helps  a lot,  it helps me to control the weather and with my hands I can control all the bad weather happening and be a superhero!

My powers can be quite useful, I can use it to help people by many ways.
For example if a person was getting robbed I can bring a tornado and destroy the robber. I can also  take him to jail without using my hand, I can
Image result for super heroesuse the wind to  help me by controlling him, he will have a little fun but then he is of with his head.   Each superhero has a goal and with my super powers my goal is to save the word.

Image result for super heroesI think controlling the weather is a great superpower. It has a lot of strength, it has a lot of power and most of all it's the power that can turn me  into a superhero.  If I actually had t his power I would be jumping everywhere.  I think controlling the weather is the best power of all, and I  if anybody had a
power that was better than controlling the weather instead of being a hero
I would be a villain.  

Presayus was my partner and I think she did a
great job marking me and helping me out. Just so you know our task was to be able to write one paragraph in 9 minutes so we can stop wasting time and finish of our work.  Rubric marked by Presayus . Our task was to use juicy word on our writing to make the reader read on. Mr Goodwin gave us a challenge to stay silent and do our work, when that finished we had to buddy with someone and share our work with the.  We also fixed up our writing by using  juicy words. For example instead instead of using the word fast you can use speed, turbo fast or super fast. Using these words helps your writing.  we learnt how  to use new word from the thesaurus.

Friday, 26 June 2015

Board game brain strom

Walt: share our ideas

This week our task was to make a board game to play on rainy days.
We had to make up rules and some themes.  After makeing the rules and the
themes we had to get  in our groups and join our ideas toghter to make our board game.

What is Super Mario?

Walt: write effective paragraphs
Jumping, losing and  growing, yup im talking about Super Mario World.
Mario is usually a one player game, but sometimes can be played by multiple players. Mario is a  side scrolling game that you can play on your chromebook, your laptop, your xbox , playstaion many more digitally electronic devices. `

Your goal is to try and pass all the levels and collect the star on each level. On your way  you will see a army of enemies so watch out for that , you can destroy them is by jumping on them.  If you  start as little Mario and when you  need help you can eat a mushroom and it  transform you into  big Mario.   
If you want to play Super Mario you have to play the game with a keyboard, But if you want to play on a xbox or a playstation you have to use a controler.   so you can control Mario. If you want to jump you have to use the arrow that points up. If you want to walk straight you have to use the side arrow on your right side. And if you want to go back or crawl down use the left side arrow  and the bottom arrow.  Here are some tips,  if you want to unlock a level you have  to go past your enemies,  you can kill them, doge the, or jump across them.  

I love challenges and Super Mario  has a lot of challenges for me. I think that Super Mario is
a five star game. I also like it because there are fun obstacles you have to go through.  I think I have a lot of fun playing Super Mario, I have to say its kinda annoying when I lose, It makes me quite angry.  

This week class 6 have been trying to write using less time to finishing of our learning. Mr Goodwin
gave us a mission to write one paragraph in 10 minutes and I think we did well. We had to write about
Super Mario, how he looks like and what's his goal. The hard part was to stay silent and do our work I want it to talk badly.

Thursday, 25 June 2015

Sports day

Walt: give infomation about sports
This week we did a group task, we had to talk about a game and tell people about how to play
it. If you doint know how to play games like netball, soccer, golf, and many more other games then\
watch my presantaion and you will learn sports that you never heard about or nevr played it.

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Maths teacher lesson

This week for our maths teacher lesson we were learning about fractions.
We lernt how to solve a improper fraction to a mixed number, and a mixed
number to a improper.

Side Scrolling Game

Walt: create an animation with detail
I have noticed that every term we have to make a animation about our topic.
Our topic was about tinkering tools and toys, Our teachers decide it
for our animation we should do a side scrolling game. My character is a gingerbread man that collects a coin and turns into a smiley face. Presenting my side scrolling game

Monday, 22 June 2015

Maths problem solving

Walt: solve problems with fractions
This week our problem solving was about fractions. Most of the problems
were hard, but at the end we managed to solve it. Check out our problem solving
presentation to see how we solved it.

Maths problem solving

Walt: solve problems with fractions
This week our maths problem solving presentation was about fractions.My buddy Talita was a expert with fractions.  We had to split the fractions to find our answer. Check out our  presentation.

Friday, 19 June 2015

Maths teacher lesson

Walt: Convert fractions

For our teacher lesson we were learning about fractions
I learnt that you can x a fraction to get the answer. you can also divide a fraction to
solve a quistain to.

Wednesday, 10 June 2015


WALT:  solve problems with fractions
This problem solving was hard and easy at the same time.
I used my times tables, division known as share and most of all my fractions.
Check out how I solved my problem solving.

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Teacher lesson.

Walt: solve multiplication problems teachers lesson.  we learned how to solve problems like 20 x 50 or 75x 40 it was hard until we found out a solution. If you doint know how to solve problems like this then watch my video.

Problem solving

Walt: understand fractions
This was really hard to do. But then I used my times tables in fractions and I got my answers. I had to think about what I was going to times and how I will solve my answer. check out how I solved my problem solving.

Problem Solving - Week 4

walt: solve multiplication problems with 1 multiplier.
I found this easy because I used my 5 times tables. I had to times it with five then add the number that was left and times it again with the number I got. After that I add the two answers I got and that how I got my answer.

Problem sovleing

Walt: solve multiplication problems with 1 multiplier 
It was abit hard solving these problems.  For example halving eleven it took me a long time to do that. know that I understand of how to solve questions like that I had to learn how to times it. check out how I solved my questions.

Maths teacher lessons Understand fractions.

W.A.L.T: Understand fractions, maths teacher lesson.
Today we were learning about fractions. I learnt that the bigger the denominator is the smaller fractions you get. And the smaller the denominator is the bigger fractions you get. watch this video to see what a fraction is.