Friday, 26 June 2015

What is Super Mario?

Walt: write effective paragraphs
Jumping, losing and  growing, yup im talking about Super Mario World.
Mario is usually a one player game, but sometimes can be played by multiple players. Mario is a  side scrolling game that you can play on your chromebook, your laptop, your xbox , playstaion many more digitally electronic devices. `

Your goal is to try and pass all the levels and collect the star on each level. On your way  you will see a army of enemies so watch out for that , you can destroy them is by jumping on them.  If you  start as little Mario and when you  need help you can eat a mushroom and it  transform you into  big Mario.   
If you want to play Super Mario you have to play the game with a keyboard, But if you want to play on a xbox or a playstation you have to use a controler.   so you can control Mario. If you want to jump you have to use the arrow that points up. If you want to walk straight you have to use the side arrow on your right side. And if you want to go back or crawl down use the left side arrow  and the bottom arrow.  Here are some tips,  if you want to unlock a level you have  to go past your enemies,  you can kill them, doge the, or jump across them.  

I love challenges and Super Mario  has a lot of challenges for me. I think that Super Mario is
a five star game. I also like it because there are fun obstacles you have to go through.  I think I have a lot of fun playing Super Mario, I have to say its kinda annoying when I lose, It makes me quite angry.  

This week class 6 have been trying to write using less time to finishing of our learning. Mr Goodwin
gave us a mission to write one paragraph in 10 minutes and I think we did well. We had to write about
Super Mario, how he looks like and what's his goal. The hard part was to stay silent and do our work I want it to talk badly.

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