Tuesday, 30 June 2015

What kind of powers would you have ?

Walt: write effective paragraphs using juicy and exciting words

Super powers they're awesome, If I had a superpower I would want to have a power that could  control  the weather .  No more rainy days, no more hot days just days that are not too hot and not too cold.  Being able to control the weather would be a super cool power.

With my powers I don't  just use them to control the weather, I  can use them to control  tornados, tsunamis, and volcanic eruptions too. If I use my powers it feels like using a controller from a xbox.  With weather powers my mind helps  a lot,  it helps me to control the weather and with my hands I can control all the bad weather happening and be a superhero!

My powers can be quite useful, I can use it to help people by many ways.
For example if a person was getting robbed I can bring a tornado and destroy the robber. I can also  take him to jail without using my hand, I can
Image result for super heroesuse the wind to  help me by controlling him, he will have a little fun but then he is of with his head.   Each superhero has a goal and with my super powers my goal is to save the word.

Image result for super heroesI think controlling the weather is a great superpower. It has a lot of strength, it has a lot of power and most of all it's the power that can turn me  into a superhero.  If I actually had t his power I would be jumping everywhere.  I think controlling the weather is the best power of all, and I  if anybody had a
power that was better than controlling the weather instead of being a hero
I would be a villain.  

Presayus was my partner and I think she did a
great job marking me and helping me out. Just so you know our task was to be able to write one paragraph in 9 minutes so we can stop wasting time and finish of our work.  Rubric marked by Presayus . Our task was to use juicy word on our writing to make the reader read on. Mr Goodwin gave us a challenge to stay silent and do our work, when that finished we had to buddy with someone and share our work with the.  We also fixed up our writing by using  juicy words. For example instead instead of using the word fast you can use speed, turbo fast or super fast. Using these words helps your writing.  we learnt how  to use new word from the thesaurus.

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