Friday, 11 April 2014


1. Who is the pohutukawa important to? animals and people

2. Why do people think of it as the New Zealand Christmas tree? because the red flower usually gloom in december.

3. What makes the pohutukawa special?  they have special features

4. How does the pohutukawa grow? pohutukawa can grow in many areas but the perfer to grow in warm place

5. Explain what nectar is.nectar is sweet water

6. How have pohutukawa trees been used in the past? it has been used has habitats

7. What is project crimson and why do you think it was named this? the  pohutukawa is an tree that is mostly grown near the beach.

Early Finishers: In sumo paint draw your version of New Zealand’s Christmas tree and post your blog with a few facts about Pohutukawa.

What does fia fia mean to you

What does fia fia mean to you? Well to me it means celebrating cultures. But like the Samoan and Tongan people fia fia means  happy to them. And for Pt England school it means celebrating colsures.

The key competencies you need for fia fia is relating to others because you have to learn your dance moves by relating to others.

The group I am for fia fia is the Hawaiian group I have two amazing teachers that teach the Hawaiian group. And my two amazing Hawaiian teachers teached the Hawaiian group last year too. For our Hawaiian group the first song we are using is a song called maunaleo its an comfortable song. Screenshot 2014-04-11 at 10.19.16.png

Friday, 4 April 2014

Harvesting flax

Addition and subtraction

What are the key competencies? I will tell you. The key competencies  
are five special things you can do and they are thinking,managing your self,participating and contributing,relating to others and using language symbols and text.

The most thing I am good at is relating to others because if someone is
crying I feel sad for them. Thats way I go there and help them and
some times some people even help me like my mum. When I
cry she cheers me up.

There are some key competencies that I am not good at and one of them
are using language symbols and text.Every time I go home instead of me doing my xtra math and math whizz I go to sleep.