Thursday, 6 March 2014

Do you know how a tiny little egg on the pond can turn into a big slimy frog? Well if you do
that's great but if you don't here is how  it goes. A mother frog lays its tiny eggs and believe me  
there are more than one hundred eggs and  those eggs will turn into tadpoles.

When the tiny eggs have turned into tadpoles, it will have a long tail and some gills to breath under water.After probably five weeks the tadpoles will have  slimy legs
and one day it will turn into a frog.

When it turns into a frog it will have long legs and a tail but that tail will disappear
and after its tail disappears it gills  will disappear too. After that it will go on land
and it is going to be an adult frog. When it finds a partner it will lay eggs and the
life cycle will happen again.

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