Thursday, 27 August 2015

Trade fair

Walt: use language that paints a picture in the minds of our reader

Having my own business group would be great, that reminds me of our term 3 topic, trade and enterprise. Back in the day when money wasn't investigated people had to trade.  It was for goods and services, for example getting  a haircut  from someone means servers but if you ask someone to do something and in return you give something back that means goods.  When having no money we are having to trade and when having money we are to give money.  Enterprise means a lot of things for example a business group, or selling a product and many more. It also means making money, trading and enterprising is  a big difference. Trading is trade and enterprising is selling for money.

Here are 6 groups, music,kitchen,stationery,homeware,toys and jewellery.  
When I came to school I was informed that I was in a group called homeware. First I had no idea about the topic but I started seeing some of the other groups making their products. Our goal was to make a product each that
relates to our group.  Mr Somerville and some other teachers  informed and explained  us that there was going to be a fair in some time. When time for the fair every group was ready to take orders  from other groups. My group and I were pleased of our product and how many people buyed it. We had a feeling it wouldn't work but I think we did pretty good job. Just so you know we were selling a orange candle and a skull faced candle. I think the way we got people to make orders was by giving a little show about what we were selling and that it will brighten up your day.   

You must be wondering how do we take orders and pay without pts and pieces. At Pt England school the year five and six students have their own bank accounts to collect their pts. Pts and pieces are known as money, for example 2pts and 50 pieces is  like 4 dollars and 1 doller. The year five and six student has had a trade fair where they make there own product and try to make it look interesting for customers to buy.  The Pts and pieces are needed so that if you order something they can take the money you owe them from your bank.

After the trade fair took place we were warned  that our orders have to be done in week 8. My buddy Htet Htet started to make our job even harder by saying buy one get one free. Peeling an orange without breaking it apart is really hard and making the shape of a skull is worser.

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