Friday, 21 August 2015

What kind of chocolate is this?

As it appears that the food I ate looked like hard, delicious chocolate.

The chocolate I was eating is called popping candy. When I did not know what it was I was pleased of how it looked like,  the color brown gazing in my eyes made me feel as if it was chocolate.  Mr Goodwin says that the thing I was eating cost  five dollars and forty cents.  This product can be found in countdown and many  more places, the thing I was eating was a king sized one,it is long and  it's quite fat.  

When admiring the  brown thing my brain instantly told me it was chocolate.
Sniff sniff sniff the outstanding smell  flying through my nose reminded me of
peanuts.  When tasting the chocolate it surprisingly tasted like lollies and chocolate.  It was very shocking to see lollies in my chocolate, it made everything taste disgusting.  

After knowing that there were lollies in my chocolate, I thought if they could take
all the lollies out it could improve the product. Remembering that I smelt peanuts made me realise that they should add fresh  peanuts.  Some people like me might not like sour and sweet stuff so taking out the lollies is a great idea for people like me. I also realised that it  the name of  this product was popping candy.  

I think Mr Goodwin did a good job by making us taste something without knowing the flavor.  I felt like a detective when I had to find out what kind of chocolate it was, it might of looked like normal chocolate but taking a bite was the best part. The aftertaste was the worst of them all. Each person eating chocolate felt like chocolate land.  I think this wasn't the best chocolate ever but it was pretty good… but wait for the after taste.

This week we were learning about eating somthig without knowing the flavor. 
when it comes to eating I am relly bad at  guessng  the flavor. Luckily Mr Goodwin made a chart of showing how it looks how it smells and how it feels.  Click on this link to see how the chart looks like...Chart
sorry if I caint show you the picture of the chocolate, my mouse dosent work.
 Here is a link of chocolate..

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