Monday, 9 March 2015

Papper tower challenge

W.A.L.T: write a detailed introduction with hook and orientation.
Early in the morning room six literacy class sat down just like every normal day. Suddenly Mr Goodwin informed us to put our netbooks away. Something was going on…  he gave us some materials  for our mission  to make the tallest tower out of paper, it was not good news for my team.

Mr Goodwin handed out our materials. All he gave us was paper, scissors’ sticky tape  and eight minutes. There were five people in my group. My group and I had something in mind, I thought about it and my mind says it was a crazy idea.   

The eight minutes had started! My group and I were panicking so much that we started ripping of our newspapers. I had a feeling that my group and I weren't cooperating at all. Few minutes later, we stuck our newspaper on top of another but it would it stand up at all, it had a mind for it’s own.  

Times up! shouted Mr Goodwin.  My mouth was wide open and I was as still as a statue.  We had nothing done, it was a big disaster. Mr Goodwin then asked to place our piece of artwork in front of us. But we had no artwork done, we were filled with shame.

I was feeling so happy and sad at the same time. Now that the paper tower challenges and many more crazy things we did with him is finished, like the noodles and the blindfold challenge, I think I should tell him to stop drinking too much coffee.
Our goal was to write an simple sentence, a complex sentence, and a question about a challenge that Mr Goodwin made. Here is what I got for my writing. click on my results to get a closer look

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