Thursday, 19 March 2015

Maritime museum and Malama Honua

It was wednesday morning, I rushed to the hall with excitement #t was Wednesday morning, I rushed to the hall with excitement, I hope you guys are wondering why? well the extension group and I were going to visited the Maritime Museum to learn all about wakas or vakas.
When we first got there  I actually found something really interesting . Did you know that  when I first put my leg on the Hikianalia ( the ship) I noticed its like a kayak. Kalepa Baybayan  and his crew doesn't drive the boat with an driving wheel but with a paddle. There are also things like toilets, bedrooms inside the Hikianalia and also a kitchen.
We also learnt some names and action that was representing things like the ground, the sun and many more things. We then had been told to go outside for a big surprise, Bom it was the loudest canic i've ever heard and also the first canon I've ever seen. Later that day we got and chance to explore around the museum. I found out  that some of the beds inside the hikinilia is made out of hay.

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