Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Meet the Kakapo

Walt look beyond the text.

What kind of food do Kakapo like to eat?
A Kakapo like to eat many food.Their favourite foods include berries ( especially berries from rimu trees ), fruit, nuts ( especially almonds ), seeds, leaves, tussock, grass, fern roots, and moss.Most kakapo also eat a special muesli made by Doc staff. Kakapo muesli contains flour and tapioca along with goodies such as almonds, manuka honey, and spirulina.

Have you heard of the bird kakapo?. Kakapo is also known as a  national bird to new zealand I have also been informed that they are also parriotes. if you want to know more information then you guys should check out the book, meet the kakapo.

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