Thursday, 12 February 2015

Duffy theatre

Walt: Follow the structure of a recount to produce a piece of writing. 

Dou you like reading? Well on Monday afternoon, we went to the hall for a Duffy show! Before they started the show we played a little game of simon says. Later we shouted duffy and it was a big surprise. He came with excitement, they also informed us there real names after we sang a little song they
started the show.

The show was all about Siena and her reading. Sienna hates reading every day she goes to detention. One day she visited the library and she thought it was the market. There she saw Duffy ordering so many books she was looking confused. After ordering the books Duffy came out and siena asked if he was rich duffy was looking even more confused. Duffy explained everything about the libary card, that he was in a library not a market and then sienna understood.

Later that day Siena went to the library and read a book she liked reading so much that she was imagining a lot of cool ideas like catching the sun with maui and running away from dinosaurs and a lot of other stuff. But it was getting out of control the next day she informed  duffy that she could not sleep at all then she started seeing the garden ferry named Terry. She was writing her
own stories but before that she was trying to get rid of terry when she finished writing the story they play ended with a rap about reading.

Out off all the duffy shows I thought this one was the best one ever. it made me so happy that I started to love reading, imagining and writing my imagination.
That very day I felt like sharing my imagination with every one.  

I learnt that reading can be fun and also you can learn new stuff and new words. Then you would want to read even more. 

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