Friday, 9 May 2014

Welcome back to Pt England

Have you heard Pt England school have just started term two? In the first day at assembly we had news. The news was we have a new topic and it is ‘I like to move it move it’. And guess what there were balloons everywhere!

The next thing was even more exciting we had team one two three four and five teachers doing a show about like to move it move it. My favorite one was team 4 because they were giving out chocolate fish and some small rugby balls. But only the people that gets the answers right then they can get  a treat.

Then after team four it was team five’s turn  their show was about music. They made music with cans pencils and other stuff. They even made a video about it and  it was quite funny.

Then all of Mr Burts helpers ran and cut the strings that was attached to the balloons and all the balloon flied to the ceiling and the balloons were all in a straight  line it was awesome.

“I hope we can have another term like this” said the person setting in front of me. And I agreed with that person.   

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  1. Hi Rima
    I like the way you are thinking keep that up
    thats why we are here


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