Thursday, 15 May 2014

Basket boats

;Basket  Boats
1. Find Qui Nhon on a map.  Zoom out and take a screenshot of Qui Nhon and New Zealand on the map.

2. What job does Thanh want when he grows up?
When Thanh grows up he would like to be a fisherman like his father

3. Where is Qui Nhon?
Qui Nhon is on the southern coast of vietnam.

4. What is a thung chai?
thung chai are some boats made out of bamboo sticks.

5. List in order the jobs the children will do if there is an extra big catch of fish:

1.first the boys fetch the fresh fish with the thung chai
2. there mothers sell the fish on the warm sand
3. when theres an extra big catch the boys help them sort out the fish

6. How does the boat get its shape?
the boats get shape when they  use a mouv

7. What makes the thung chai stay together?
the thung chai can stay together when it is tied up with old and  flat bamboo

8. Why do they smear sticky resin over the thung chai?
they smear the sticky resin so that the basket boat is watertight

9. List three ways the thung chai can be used for.
- the tung chai could be made for a basket of collecting stuff
-the tung chai could be used for a hat in the summer

-the thung chai can be used for sailing

10. BLOGGING:  Use the photo you have found of Quin Nhon and post to your blog with a few sentences explaining what a thung chai is, and what it is use for.

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  1. Hi Riam I like the book your group read on reading time I like the basket boat I hope I can read that with me reading group bye hope you have a great day Love by Revival


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