Thursday, 15 October 2015

Cindy in the house, reflection and review

Cindy In The House!!! Everyone sitting down in the hall for the show to start. Someone whispering next to me says there is going to be dancing,singing,  and acting. I was more than excited. Shh everyone says as the show begins. When the show keeps going on, my mouth keeps opening to show  everyone how interesting it is.  I was so interested that I tried not to blink, it was impossible! Later on the dancers came on the stage and they were more than confidant,  I was really proud of my friend Talita. After the show ended I was sad because I wanted more.

Everything went well and this is how the show went
Like every show, play or a movie there's always a problem and this one was a big one. So far this is all that happened. It was all about a girl who wanted  to take part in the royal prefix ball.  Unfortunately her two step cousins and her auntie wouldn't let her go.  Later on while cleaning the house a sports coach comes on the screen and tells her what to do.  She wears a beautiful dress and a pair of white sandals to the prefix ball. When twelve O'clock she runs of and leaves one sandle. People say,  what will happen next…………….  After all the scene and just like every happy movie Cindy and her family lived happily ever after.
I loved the play and I say I would give it a 9 / 10

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