Sunday, 2 November 2014


Birds can fly. They fly high. Some fly miles across the sky. In the spring birds build nests. Not to rest in.
They build nests for their eggs, for thier young. Some birds bring twigs and leaves, bits of string. What a neast!

Day and night mother bird and father bird watch there eggs. They keep them safe and warm. Soon chip chip the eggs crack. And out slip babby birds. They have no feathers. They can not fly. But they are hungry. They can eat. Oh my what do the baibies eat? Worm and grubs, beetles and bugs and tiny insect eggs. They can eat ever so much- caterrpillars, grasshoppers, ants and flies and such. Soon the young birds grow feathers. They have lessons to learn.They must learn to mind mothers,and find their food.Some take a turn at learning to swim. And most birds learn to fly.Some birds fly far. Some fly so far we cannot see how they find their way. For they fly hundreds of miles through pathless sky. Some birds catch their food as they fly. They snap up moths and other insects going by. They have beaks that can snap shut fast. Many birds like grain and seeds. They have short,sharp for pecking. They crack seeds open or swallow foods whole. Fruits and berries are the foods some birds need. They swallow the berries. Then they  scateer the seeds.

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