Thursday, 18 September 2014

Key competences

Do you know what the five  key competencies are ? These are the   key competencies thinking,  managing self, relating to others, using language symbols and text and participating and contributing.

Managing self
You should manage yourself  while you're online  and  not online.  
For example if  you're online  you should manage yourself by
going on the  right site.  If your not online you should manage you
hands legs and mouth and also use your wits.

Relating to  others
Relating to  others is when you respect others by contributing and participating. For example Whenever you need to say sorry you should give them a gift to make them feel happy. Incase if  you're  not participating  you should think about relating to others and start joining in.

As soon as you are  thinking you are using your brain and when you use your brain you are  learning new things.  For example if you are stuck on  a really hard question  you have to use your brain and start thinking. Then you will learn new stuff and start thinking everyday.

Participating and contributing
Participating  means you're giving and when you are giving you are making new friends. When you are contributing it means you are joining in and when you join in you will be with your whole team.


Now you know what the  key competences are.  I hope you use them at home and at school thank you for reading. Remember to leave a comment.
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